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Mining Ruins, Globe, Arizona

Copper Hill Mill Site
The copper hill mill site offers many ruins, some on private property and a lot of hiking to see all. The mill is large with an underground passage that has a few tunnels, but you will need a good headlamp or flash light to see anything. I didn’t find the vertical shafts down the road from the mill since they were most likely private property.

Copper hill grew into existence during the early 1900s as a camp for the Arizona Commercial Iron Cap, and Superior and Boston Mines. The prosperous community expanded to approximately 500 people by 1925 and sufficient business enterprises followed this growth. In addition to the usual stores, boardinghouses and offices found in most mining camps, Copper Hill was equipped with a hospital and a school. Copper Hill’s post office was established in June 1908 and discontinued February 1933.

The town’s glory was short-lived. Five years later, only forty people remained. The Arizona Commercial Company was still doing some mining, but eventually not enough to keep the town going. The Great Depression marked the end of the town and all that remains are foundations. Mines, dumps, cement foundations ruins are scattered along the canyon that make up Copper Hill.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 03.23.2013
Temp: 76°
Elevation: 4137 ft
Latitude: 31.421291
Longitude: -110.914289



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