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Mining Ruins, Oatman, Arizona

Gold Road Mine
Driving down the hill towards Gold Road Mine there are a few large shafts, both horizontal and vertical. The vertical is gated off, but the horizontal mines are just across the road with a fence falling apart. There appears to be 3 large openings just beyond the fence. There are also several ruins down the hill and the largest which was the old mill and Main shaft.

In 1900, Gold Road Mine was discovered by a prospector named Jose Jerez. Jerez was looking for his burro one day when he stumbled over a chunk of quartz that contained gold. With the help of his friend Henry Lovin of Kingman, Jose dug a 15-foot deep shaft, and the Gold Road Mine was born. Between 1905 and 1907 the mine milled $2,250,000.00 worth of gold. Gold Road Mine has been in production off and on for close to 100 years. In 1992, Addwest Minerals purchased Gold Road Mine and reopened shafts and built a mill for extracting gold from the hard rock ore. Little remains of the area, other than the mine and the original mine hole and shaft.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 01.19.2013
Temp: 68°
Elevation: 2900 ft
Latitude: 35.044271
Longitude: -114.377238



Historic Photography: 
U.S. Geological Survey
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