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Abandoned Places, Twin Arrows Trading Post, Arizona

Twin Arrows Trading Post
A weathered billboard near the Twin Arrows Road exit describes Twin Arrows as the "Best Little Stop on I-40." The Route 66 aficionado should not be discouraged by the "closed" placard placed on the sign, but he should make haste since time is taking its toll on the establishment. By 2003, the property was state trust land and concrete barricades blocked vehicle access. It did not prevent exploration by foot.

Twin Arrows came into being sometime after Jack D Rittenhouse put together his 1946 edition of A Guide Book to Highway 66 which does not list Twin Arrows, but before Interstate 40 bypassed the old road in 1970's. The Interstate afforded the trading post its own exit on a small remaining stretch of 66 which allowed it to operate it into this millennium.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 07.06.2011
Temp: 104°
Elevation: 4854 ft
Latitude: 35.161065
Longitude: -111.279436


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