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Abandoned Places, Dateland, Arizona

Abandoned Dateland Rock House
This rock house had custom rock designs in the floor, a fireplace and a possible bathroom or storage room. There was a maker's mark on a wall dating back to 1902 and a horse corral out near the road. We found this little gem on the way to the Sears Point Petroglyph Site.

The name "Bill Cody 1902" carved into the interior wall of the house might have been the famous Buffalo Bill Cody, AKA William F. Cody "Buffalo Bill" (1846-1917). In 1902 longtime partner, Nate Salsbury, dies. Cody forms a mining company and begins investing heavily at Oracle, Arizona. The small town of Oracle is located 177 miles to the east of Dateland Arizona, which makes sense. This house could have belonged to Nate Salsbury and Cody could have carved his name before his departure to Oracle. [read more]

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 04.08.2012
Temp: 87°
Elevation: 527 ft
DD (decimal degrees)*
Latitude: 32.83797
Longitude: -113.34915

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