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Abandoned Places, Nogales, Arizona

Guevavi Ranch Gate House
I discovered this abandoned ranch gate house on the way to the Ruby Ghost Town. The gate house appears to be built in the 1900s or earlier. The roof interior is built up of logs and sticks, which reminds of some of the Indian ruins I’ve explored in the past. The ranch house is in a rustic location with a historic presence. The ruins consist of the main house, a bunkhouse and the gate house. Hacienda Corona is about a half mile down the road.

Hacienda Corona, the former ranch headquarters, is the crown jewel of Guevavi Ranch. Its name honors Salvador Corona, the famous Mexican muralist and bullfighter who painted its courtyard walls with charming scenes of indigenous Mexican peasants during the 1940s and 1950s.

Later the Hacienda became a Hollywood hideaway after its then owner, Ralph Wingfield, lent some of his cattle for use in the filming of the John Wayne classic, "Red River". Soon the hard-driving rancher and the actor, who played such characters on the screen, became close friends.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 11.10.2012
Temp: 56°
Elevation: 3532 ft
Latitude: 31.421291
Longitude: -110.914289


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