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Abandoned Places, Tuba City, Arizona

Abandoned Tuba City Wood House
Found this abandoned wood house while traveling through the Navajo reservation and decided to take a peek. All the structures in the area had a distinct look and nothing like this. By the look of the house it would have to be at least 70-100 years old by the way it was assembled. A neat place!

The written history of the town dates back more than 200 years. When Father Francisco Garces visited the area in 1776, he recorded that the Indians were cultivating crops. The town was named after Tuuvi, a Hopi leader. Chief Tuuvi converted to Mormonism circa 1870, and invited the Mormons to settle near Moenkopi. Tuba City was founded by the Mormons in 1872. Tuba City drew Hopi, Navajo and Paiute Indians to the area because of its natural springs. In 1956, Tuba City became a uranium boomtown, as the regional office for the Rare Metals Corporation and the Atomic Energy Commission.

GPS Directions
Date: 02.17.2012
Temp: 64°
Elevation: 4,960 ft
DD (decimal degrees)*
Latitude: 36.10615
Longitude: -111.26374

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