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Mining Ruins, Congress, Arizona

Old Congress Mine
We decided to explore the old congress pioneer cemetery of 1887 and saw this large wooden structure off in the distance and had to investigate. It turns out the old building was part of the Old Congress Mine. The area had a few concrete slabs but nothing spectacular. The old structures had hundreds of boxes of core drilling samples.

Following the placer gold rush to the nearby Weaver district 1863-4, prospectors began scouring the surrounding hills for gold lodes. In the 1860s miners organized the Date Creek Mining District (later renamed the Martinez district) after discovering gold in the Date Creek Mountains. One of the early prospectors was Dennis May, who would later discover the Congress Mine, but not until twenty years of sporadic, small scale operations in the immediate area.

The Old Congress Pioneer Cemetery is just a half mile south of Old Congress Mine.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 04.20.2012
Temp: 91°
Elevation: 3045 ft
Mineral List: Galena, Goethite, Gold, Liebigite, Marcasite, Pyrite


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