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Ghost Town Cemeteries, Wickenburg, Arizona

Gilbert Mining Cemetery
The cemetery of Gilbert was stumbled upon on our drive to the Monte Christo Mine. The location was gated and well preserved. I did see a private property sign when walking back to Buckhorn Road. Gilbert served as a commerce center for major mines in the area. Monte Christo Mine, Camp B, King Solomon, Key Stone were a few of the major mines in the immediate area.

The Ghost Town of Gilbert resides northeast of Wickenburg. Today nothing remains and is on posted private property. Gilbert was a community that served mines in and about the immediate area encompassing a mile or two radius. Gilbert was at the intersection of King Solomon Gulch and Buckhorn Road on the southeast corner. It was up King Solomon Creek approximately one mile from Sayers Spring. The stagecoach from Wickenburg traveled through Gilbert on its journey up the road north to Constellation going through Keystone on its journey to O'Brien Gulch. The end of the road would have been the O'Brien Mine, aka Gold Belt Mine in later years. Gilbert, Arizona’s Post Office was established Nov. 17, 1899 and closed in on Nov. 14, 1903 after four years of operation. [read more]

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 08.13.2012
Temp: 108°
Elevation: 2010 ft
Latitude: 34.041332
Longitude: -112.590652

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