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Abandoned Places, Dateland, Arizona

Abandoned Dateland Airfield
This is the only visible concrete bunker left on this abandoned airfield.

Dateland Air Force Auxiliary Field is an abandoned military airfield located 40 miles east of Yuma, Arizona. Its last known military use was in 1957. DoD improvements constructed at the site between 1943-1946 were 95 buildings, 3 runways, 4 taxiways, gasoline station, water system, electrical distribution system, sewage disposal system & perimeter fences.

Originally it started out as a gunnery training base, as an auxiliary field for the Yuma Aerial Flying School Gunnery Range. It eventually converted to B-25 bomber training.A total of 11,000 hours of flight training were logged at Dateland during WW2.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 11.12.2012
Temp: 75°
Elevation: 450 ft
Latitude: 32.812291
Longitude: -113.538643

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