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Petroglyphs, Dateland, Arizona

Sears Point Petroglyph Site
This Petroglyph site was a nice find but be ready to drive 8-10 miles through the desert down bumpy and sometime soft terrain. A medium to high clearance vehicle is recommended. There are quite a few rock drawings that you have to climb to see, but most are visible from the valley floor. Best time to visit is in the early spring or fall.

The Sears Point area has at least two miles of basalt cliff edges that exhibit petroglyph panels. It is estimated that several thousand petroglyphs exist within the area; however, the most impressive panels can be seen from the parking area. The Sears Point area also has historic petroglyphs. Many of these historic names and dates have been affiliated with early trappers and "49er" gold rush groups who passed through the area between 1840 and 1860.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 04.08.2012
Temp: 95°
Elevation: 468 ft
Address: Ave 76 E
Dateland, AZ 85333

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