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Abandoned Places, Tempe, Arizona

Minder Binders Resturant
Built in the 1970's, Minder Binders, over the years is has been the college hangout, concert venue, the great burger place, and most of all, the place to get away from it all. The unique d├ęcor gives you something new to see with every visit. The landmark restaurant Minder Binders closed its doors in 2006. The building has 2 floors, full kitchen, DJ booth (in and out), dance floor, several bars, volleyball court, and all the antiques of yesteryear.

This location was updated in 2016 and is functional. It was closed and neglected for a couple years.
GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 09.22.2012
Temp: 98°
Elevation: 1,495 ft
Latitude: 33.422801
Longitude: -111.908377

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