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Abandoned Places, Nothing, Arizona

The little town of Nothing is out in the middle of nowhere, which in the 70s served as a roadside attraction.

The settlement was established in 1977, located 100 miles northwest of Phoenix Arizona, and roughly 20 miles south of Wikieup, the "rattlesnake capital of Arizona." The entire population ran a gas stop and garage. The gas station had a flat bed truck selling rocks and minerals found nearby as local souvenirs. Nothing was abandoned by May 2005, and by August 2008, the gas station was beginning to collapse. An attempted revival of Nothing occurred at some time after August 2008 when Nothing was purchased by Mike Jensen. As of April 2011 it appears that Nothing has once again been abandoned.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 12.02.2011
Temp: 52°
Elevation: 3269 ft
Latitude: 34.479808
Longitude: -113.335778

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