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Ghost Town Cemeteries, Ehrenberg, Arizona

Ehrenberg Cemetery
The town of Ehrenberg was established in 1869, named after the native German "Hermann Ehrenberg". From 1863 through 1866, Ehrenberg served as Indian Agent for the Mojave people at the Colorado River Indian Reservation. Ehrenberg was murdered on October 9, 1866 in Dos Palmas. The town of Ehrenberg was a main stop off the Colorado River. By the mid-1870s the town had a population of 500. After the railroads replaced the steamboats the town became a ghost town. Today all that remains of the original town is the cemetery.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 01.29.2012
Temp: 65°
Elevation: 279 ft
Latitude: 33.605542
Longitude: -114.523673

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