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Ghost Towns, Midland, California

Midland Ghost Town
Just north of Blythe California is the abandoned ghost town of Midland. Without much initial research of Midland I discovered the town to be completely stripped down the concrete slabs with the exception of partial remains of the Gypsum Plant. After looking at a historic aerial photograph I’m amazed that this is all that remains.

Quarrying began in the 1920s and continued until 1966. The Brown Mine and Victor Mine underground mining began about 1930 and continued until 1948. The two mines produced Gypsum which is used for the manufacturing of Pyrobar gypsum blocks, plaster wallboard and artificial snow for Hollywood films. The town of Midland had supported roughly 1,000 people until 1966 when company activity stopped and closed its doors and the town was destroyed.

The Victor Mine was also used as a Civil Defense shelter and survival cache for the city of Blythe in the 1960's. In 2003 U.S. Gypsum hired contractors to seal and demolish the multiple portals and open stopes for the safety of the general public and wildlife.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 07.08.2014
Temp: 103°
Elevation: 272 ft
Latitude: 33°51'37.0"N
Longitude: 114°48'03.3"W

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