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Ghost Towns, Hyder, Arizona

Hyder Ghost Town
The Ghost Town of Hyder offers 6 standing structures just off Palomas Rd. There is a convenient store off to the right of the property which was closed so I didn't have a chance to speak with anyone. There was also a bar at one point (the Whispering Sands Bar), but was closed some time in 1997 due to a change of ownership and lack of business. There are two structures just over the railroad tracks that have a working well and a few ruins.

During World War II it was the training spot of General Patton's desert forces. The nearby Agua Caliente also held a large hotel during this time. One of 15 temporary camps built as part of General Patton's Desert Training Center, the site has been obliterated by agriculture. The camps were built in 1943 and considered surplus in 1944 after the men were trained and sent to Africa to fight. Over a million men were trained at the DTC.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 04.08.2012
Temp: 91°
Elevation: 538 ft
DMS (degrees, minutes, secondes)* Latitude: 33.01654
Longitude: -113.34849

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