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Ghost Towns, Tombstone, Arizona

Good Enough Mine
We visited the Good Enough Mine Tour while exploring Tombstone, Arizona. The tour itself was neat but kind of short. I would have preferred going deeper or farther since the caves go a hundred or so miles in the area. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable about the cave history and the necessities of working in a cave. A cool experience altogether; a must if you are in the tombstone area.

At the town's founding in March 1879, it took its name from the original mining claim. Consisting mostly of wooden shacks and tents, it had a population of 100. When Cochise County was formed from the eastern portion of Pima County on February 1, 1881, Tombstone became the new county seat. Telegraph service to the town was established that same month. In early March, 1880, the Schieffelin's Tombstone Mining and Milling Company which owned the Tough Nut mine, among others, was sold to investors from Philadelphia. Two months later it was reported that the Tough Nut mine was working a vein of silver ore 90 feet across that assayed at $170 per ton, with some ore assaying at $22,000 a ton.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 11.05.2011
Temp: 54°
Elevation: 4,540 ft
DMS (degrees, minutes, secondes)* Latitude: 31.71091
Longitude: -110.06695
Address: 5th & Toughnut Street
Tombstone, Arizona 85638


Historic Pictures:
The Million Dollar Stope [c1940]
Library of Congress

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