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Abandoned Places, Leupp, Arizona

Leupp Indian Ruin (Sunrise Trading Post)
This place has two Indian Ruin structures and a large club house or restaurant with 3-4 rooms.

During the 1800's, there were scattered settlements near the Little Colorado River. The river's water drew many to the area. This region has long been a path for travel by the Navajo Indians. The Bureau of Indian Affairs established a school in Leupp in 1902. The town's name is pronounced LOOP. Soon afterward, the school was moved to a new location known as Old Leupp. Old Leupp is a few miles to the southeast of Leupp. Later in 1907, Leupp became the headquarters of the Leupp Indian Land. It was one of five Navajo Indian Lands that existed before 1936.

The Navajo Indian Nation combined all its lands in 1936. The center for the Navajo Nation was also established during this period in Window Rock, Arizona . The Navajo Nation decided that there would be Navajo chapter organizations dispersed throughout the Indian Land. These chapters evolved into local government units servicing the local residents. Leupp was selected as one of 110 Navajo chapters.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 09.04.2011
Temp: 96°
Elevation: 5450 ft
Latitude: 35.297684
Longitude: -110.99076

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