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About Ghost Towns of Arizona

Thanks for visiting the Ghost Towns of Arizona website. Ghost Towns of Arizona provides pictures and information about ghost towns and abandoned locations most people don’t know or tend to forget about.

A little about me and what I do.
In april 2004 I went off-roading in the mountains north of Quartzsite Arizona and stumbled upon the Ghost Town of Swansea. This place was large with a half dozen semi destroyed structures and a few open mines. After exploring this place I was hooked. Since then I have explored 190+ locations and counting.

A few years back I started researching ghost towns and abandoned locations and found out there were only a few outdated websites with information and a few generic photographs, but directions or how to get to these places were mostly obsolete. So I started Ghost Towns of Arizona to share what I have discovered and to provide accurate GPS directions to each location as well as photographs, some videos and accurate historical information. By trade I am a User Interface Web Developer, so the technologies of the web is what I enjoy.

All the photographs and videos on this website were taken with a Nikon P80 Digital Camera. Please feel free to send any questions or comments about this website through facebook messenger and I will respond in a reasonable matter of time.

If you see information that is incorrect or have more correct information to add, please let me know and I will update the content accordingly. If you are pulling information from a website or book, please add the url or name of book and author.

Thanks for looking and happy exploring...
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