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Mining Ruins, Yavapai County, Arizona

Black Pearl Mine
We met up with a Jeep Off-road group in Prescott that were doing a day trip to Black Pearl Mine. I figured this would be the safest exploration since the mine is very remote with no cell service. We drove my stock Jeep Wranger TJ up there with the group of 12 Jeepers and it was a challenging expedition, but a lot of fun. The group was friendly with modified lifted jeeps and the trail being a 4+, I was able to get by on a sock setup.
A 4x4 vehicle is needed to access this location due to rough roads and terrain. This road is rated a 3-5 out of 10 for off-roading, moderately demanding. Challenge for novice drivers. Obstacles may include: mud holes, boulders, and streams. Requires 4WD with 4-LO.

The 82 year old Black Pearl Mine was what I expected being so remote and on a hilltop. The shaft was in pretty good shape even with all the storms the area gets, but it appeared the mine might be closed up or too overgrown to enter. The first year of production was in 1915 where the mineral Tungsten was found. The first year of production was in 1915 where the mineral Tungsten was found and final year of mining and or production was 1994.

Tungsten carbide is used to make cutting tools and wear-resistant tools for metalworking, drilling for oil and gas, mining, and construction. When added to steel, tungsten increases its strength. It is alloyed (mixed with) other metals to make “superalloys” which have special physical properties of high strength and heat resistance. Some of the applications for such superalloys are in turbine engines for jet aircraft and energy generation.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 05.15.2017
Temp: 90°
Elevation: 5,699 ft
DD (decimal degrees)*
Latitude: 34.687500
Longitude: -113.034720

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