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Caves, Peach Springs, Arizona

Grand Canyon Caverns
We explored the Grand Canyon Caverns back in 2010 and found the caves to be a nice break from the desert heat. One of the neatest things these caverns offer is a rental at the bottom of the cave. For $700 hundred bucks you and another person can stay 220 plus feet underground in a cave suite. Yes it's pricy, but where else can you do something like this?

In 1927, a young woodcutter, Walter Peck, was on his way to play poker with his friends. Before reaching the game, he stumbled and nearly fell into a rather large, funnel-shaped hole. Since he didn't have the proper equipment to explore the hole, he continued on to the poker game. Once there he started telling the boys about a new, big hole in the middle of his trail. The next morning Walter gathered some friends. With ropes and lanterns, they went to explore his new hole. A rope was tied around the waist of a local cowboy. He was lowered into the hole. By the time his feet touched the floor of the hole, 150 feet of rope had been let out. Read More

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 07.23.2010
Temp: 105°
Elevation: 5375 ft
Address: I-40, Mile marker 115

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