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Ghost Towns of Arizona Videos

Adamsville Ghost Town, Arizona
[05.26.2013] The ghost town of Adamsville is located in an agricultural field south or Florence and behind a protected fence. Most of the town and cemetery has been wiped out by the Gila River Flood. It appears that the two buildings that remain have been used throughout the years by farmers. The site is now a historic landmark. [see more]

Gila Cliff Dwellings, New Mexico
[08.31.2012] These Indian Ruins are a must if you are near Silver City New Mexico. The windy 44 mile drive from Silver City New Mexico through the mountains in the Gila National Forest was pretty but took a little more time we expected. Be prepared to spend a minimum 1-2 hours for the drive. Once we arrived at the monument we learned that they supplied nice shaded kennels for dogs, which is a first. The trail was a medium difficulty hike, about a mile up to the dwelling with no wheel chair access. Once we got inside we saw 6-7 accessible rooms and 2-3 you can walk into. This is a must see for New Mexico. [see more]

Abandoned 1920s Ranch, Chambers, Arizona
[08.29.2012] We spotted this old abandoned ranch off I-10 headed towards New Mexico and explored the property. The main two story house was large, at least 10-15 rooms with rotted wooden floors throughout. I didn’t attempt to go up to the second floor due to the condition of the floors and staircase. The large farm consisted of the main house, horse corral and barn, 2 sheds, a 2 person outhouse built of wood, a workshop and large garage and machine shop. [see more]

Hubbell Trading Post
[02.19.2012] Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site is a meeting ground of two cultures, the Navajo and settlers who came to the area to settle in what is now northeastern Arizona in the late 19th century. These settlers came from Mexico from the south and eastern United States. In 1878, John Lorenzo Hubbell purchased this trading post, ten years after Navajos were allowed to return to their homeland from their U.S. - imposed exile in Bosque Redondo, Fort Sumner, New Mexico. This ended what is known in Navajo history as the "Long Walk of the Navajo." The park is located in Ganado, Arizona. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1960. [see more]

Hohokam Indian Ruins
[07.18.2008] Casa Grande was founded in 1879 during the Arizona mining boom and became Incorporated in 1915. According to local oral tradition, the Hohokam may be the ancestors of the historic Akimel O'odham and Tohono O'odham peoples in Southern Arizona. Recent work among the Sobaipuri, ancient ancestors of the modern Pima, indicates that Pima groups were present in this region at the end of the Hohokam sequence. The term Hohokam, borrowed from the Akimel O'odham, is used to define an archaeological culture that existed from the beginning of the current era to about the middle of the 15th century AD. [see more]

Rattlesnake Ranch
[11.05.2011] While visiting tombstone we decided to explore the ghost town of Gleeson and found this odd ranch in the middle of nowhere. By the name “Rattlesnake Ranch” you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. It turns out this place is a unique find if you’re into old rusty objects and rocks. [see more]
Unfortunately in the spring of 2013 The Rattlesnake Ranch and Crafts closed its doors permanently.

Seneca Lake Trading Post and Resort
[09.03.2011] Back in the early 1970s, the San Carlos Apache Tribe built a resort and recreational facility called cinema park. The location cost $524,000 to build with plans to build an 80 unit motel and possibly a golf course and riding stables the following year. The plans came to a screeching halt when the tribe defaulted on payment to their lenders. It didn't take long for the lenders to go out and take back all of the stuff like restaurant equipment. This place was abandoned in the late 70s. [see more]

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