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Mining Ruins, Cerbat, Arizona

Cerbat Mining Ghost Town
We visited the Mining Ghost Town of Cerbat and found the area to be abandoned with the exception of an active ranch at the bottom of the mountain. A couple miles up the canyon you will find a semi-modern warehouse and office with a huge steel safe, opened of course. The old structures and mines were another quarter mile up the canyon. Unfortunately all that I saw were burned down to the ground. I found 3 vertical open mines just up the mountain side that were open to explore if you dare. I didn't see any reference of the cemetery or old post office.

Mining in the area began in the late 1860s and a camp was established soon after. The town was prosperous and contained several mining and public buildings along with cabins for over 100 settlers, as well as a school, a doctor's office and a lawyer's office. In the 1870s the town was connected by dirt road to Fort Rock, Camp Hualapai and Prescott, Arizona. Cerbat was the third seat of Mohave County until 1877 when Mineral Park took the title.

GPS Directions
Location Data
Date: 04.20.2012
Temp: 92°
Elevation: 4,580 ft
Mineral List: Galena, Gold, Silver, Lead,
Zinc and Sphalerite

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